Monday, September 28, 2009

Hiking on Eagle

On Saturday, September 26, six members (3 leaders and 3 boys) of Battalion 3273 and one guest went exploring on Eagle.

The first picture is of us at the start (Lt. Garth is taking the picture that's why he's not in it).

The first cabin we encountered. Lt. Clarence moving in? Who knows.

Lt. Jim holds our adventurous guest by the ankles as he looks for any more tarps we may have stored in this stump.

Here's the boys and Lt. Jim at the lower falls.

Here's the second cabin we found. This one was complete with arched entry to the 'yard' and cement chinking between the logs.

Getting some dead wood for the fire.

The fire near the start. We had some really good coals for cooking over.

After lunch we went further upstream and checked out the height of the upper falls by throwing some rocks over.

Here's a shot of the topmost part of the upper falls.

A good time was had by all. We left the church parking lot about 9:00 am and returned just before 3:00 pm. Thanks to everyone who showed up. For those you didn't you missed a good time. The weather was ideal for hiking.

Please note that this is the area where we are planning to do some camping in October.

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