Friday, April 9, 2010

message from Captain Howard

Hello everyone - Battalion leaders, boys and families:

Yesterday was absolutely the worst day I've had since coming down with this silly heart condition. It was even worse than the day I went to the hospital (for a week's stay). There was stuff to be done for the "Building Men" men's conference, and I needed the Battalion's help to get it done. After stuffing 125 Info Bags for me in less than 10 minutes, the guys put me in a circle and prayed over me. As the prayers were ending, I felt a burden being lifted from me - I was feeling better. By the time I got home, it was much better, and I had my first great sleep in days - only six hours, but no discomfort. I feel great, and it's all because the Lord responded to the prayers of His People, young though they are. God wants our prayers, and He wants to respond to them, but for whatever reason, He wants us to do the praying. It was wonderful to see His response to yesterday's prayers, so immediate, so complete. Thank you all.

Now, about this men's conference... guys, dads, husbands, this is really something worth taking in, even if it's just for Friday night or Saturday morning. I've been closely involved with all of it -from conception to planning to putting it together - I know this is going to be different from any other men's conference that I've ever been to. If you know me, you know that I'm very much about us being "men of action". It's all very good to be good, godly men, but that is only what we should be like - we must desire and work towards a Christ-like character. But, it's a life-long process and some of us may never arrive, at least not in this life. God has a "calling" for every Christian; a job that is uniquely designed for each of us to perform for the sake of His Kingdom. He calls us to that work - to that action - as soon as we believe, and for some, if not all, long before we ever become Believers in Jesus Christ. His calling is always according to our abilities, but focused on our potential, thus forcing us to lean on Him. We become men, or women, of action while we are still working on improving our Christian character. In fact, it is often through our calling that we feel the desire to clean up our act. This men's conference is about seeking His Calling, and about cleaning up our acts.

It is a conference designed for men, and as far as we're concerned (and that includes Dr Chuck Stecker), manhood begins at 13 years old, so our Battalion boys are invited. This is going to be a challenging event. I'd like to see you - you men and teens - there.

God bless you as He has blessed me. Thank you for your prayers.

Bright and Keen for Christ, guys.

- Howard

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