Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canoe Trailer Rebuild

Hi Guys,

It has come to the time that we need to rebuild part of the canoe trailer if we want to keep having it. Starting this Thursday, July 22 the plan is to remove the canoes, and gear, remove the wheels and maybe get the mounting bolts, brackets, etc. We will then need to remove the old axle and splash guards. Mount the new axle and its wheels and rewire the lights. If we can't get it all done on the Thursday we'll work on it Friday evening and Saturday daytime. We'll have a more detailed idea on Thursday, July 22 after we've started.
This is going to be a fun time. We're basically going to be able take the trailer apart and rebuild it. This is our Battalion's trailer and we're going to be able to make it better.

Also there are some bikes that are being given to us that we can fix up and do stuff with. A thought is to give them to Chilliwack Lake Camp, whose facilities we get to use for Brigade Camp BC, for campers to use (including us when we go there).

Please note that if the weather isn't suitable for working outside we'll be playing games inside the church building.

See you Thursday.

Lt. Garth

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