Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BC Lions game this Saturday


While there is no official "Kickoff with the BC Lions", we are still going to a game, if you want to come...

The game is this Saturday, September 15th. We can go as a group meeting at 2:15pm at the church side parking lot, or we can meet down there at 3:00pm. You can get your tickets from me at the north end of the Science World Parking Lot at 3:00pm.

The tickets are $33 each and we will be sitting together in the endzone of the Upper Bowl. We will be with other Brigade Units. Our Battalion will be hanging around with the Grand Forks guys after the game. It ends at 8pm, but we won't have you home until 11:00pm. We will be having a very good time.

The is NO Tailgate Party and no food or pop. You may want to bring $10 for McD's or Costco before or after the game.

I need to hear from you very soon if you want to go, so tell me ASAP.

Man, I'm looking forward to this because we're going to have some FUN!

Bright and Keen for Christ, guys. We can do this.

- Capt. Howard

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